session info.

How do I pick a location?

The end goal of the location you choose should always be to compliment your style and hopefully to be as personalized to you as I can make it. With that in mind the first thing to think about is any locations or activities that have meaning for you and might be fun as a theme/location for the shoot? Where do you spend time? Do you have family property/ranch/lake house etc.? If you envisioned a portrait on your wall what would it look like? If nothing specific comes to mind I do have a list of places where I know the look and vibe and I’ll help you match it up to your vision.

Do you recommend professional hair and makeup?

This can make a wonderful difference for your portraits. If you’re even thinking about it… I say go for it. If you need a team/company to do it, I would love to give you that recommendation.

How do you pose me for portraits?

 For most of the session I’m not going to “pose you” per se, we will work together,  I just need you to be yourselves.  I will help you to understand what we need and then we just play, we laugh about it and we’re never stuck on one thing for too long. In the end it shouldn’t feel like work.

 What time of day do you recommend for portraits?

There is a time of day we photographers call the “golden hour“.  Its a magic time of day when the sun is closer to the horizon and the hues are warm and soft. The light is more diffused and the shadows are longer. That being said a lot can depend on what time of year we’re shooting and the location we choose. If you are drawn to those dreamy golden natural light portraits, you will need to schedule your session around that time of day with me.

What about wardrobe and props and indoor locations for a shoot?

For dance sessions we will most likely collaborate on wardrobe. It is best to have a variety with typical dance wear, some street wear and even a little bit of a flowing dress, always making sure you have the ability to move and be flexible. When it comes to props for a themed shoot Pinterest, the dance blogs etc. can be a great help. If you are interested in something like this then let us help too. We are always open to helping plan and making your vision come to life. We also have great contacts at many of the venues around town and often they are available for a small fee.